QUIZ: Only Pilots Can Pass This Visual Test. Can You?!


If you thought being a pilot was as easy as flying a plane, you are wrong! There are a lot of hurdles you have to pass first, multiple sight tests, hearing tests as well as heaps of physical and mental exams. If you can pass this quiz, you are one step closer to becoming an aviation expert.

All pilots must be able to hear an average pitched conversation being spoken behind them from a total distance of six feet away. They also must be free of any ear conditions that could possibly affect equilibrium. In addition, all aspiring pilots must pass physical and mental exams and cannot have any type of severe personality disorders. For commercial pilots, once they reach 40 years of age those physicals and mental evaluations continue to take place every 6 months until they retire. Also, and this should go without saying, pilots cannot abuse or be dependent on alcohol or any other type of substance.

Above all, a person must have excellent eyesight in order to obtain and keep their pilot’s license. Both first and second class pilots must have 20/20 distant vision, in each eye separately. Third-class pilots can have less sharp vision and are allowed 20/40. Even if you know you’re vision isn’t that great, you may still stand a chance of becoming a pilot because the tests are scored with or without correction aids like glasses and contact lenses.

While the Snellen chart is the most familiar type of vision test, there are many alternative ways to screen and evaluate eyesight. Certain tests can determine how well your eyes focus, adjust, differentiate, and interpret the sights and pictures they’re taking in. This quiz uses a combination of questions, pictures, colours, and more to ascertain how well your eyes work. Only pilots can pass it according to Playbuzz, so take it now and see whether your vision is as sharp as theirs needs to be!

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