WARNING: This Terrified Girl Scarred After Safety Device EXPLODED In Her Face. I Had NO idea!


If you’re a nervous flyer, you know that all too familiar feeling when you first step onto a plane. It’s terrifying. But, what if w told you that you were worrying for all the wrong reasons?

You might stress that the plane is unsafe or that you’ll be in a crash… but horrendous things can happen even when the flight goes smoothly. One mother found that out firsthand.

When 4-year-old Daisy James was traveling home from Washington DC to London Heathrow, a terrible fate awaited her. She had been on holiday with her grandma and was seated comfortably next to her.

As you may know, many planes have emergency airbags strapped to the seatbelts, rather than above or below the seats. 

These safety devices have sensors in them, which detect when there is about to be an accident. When something accidentally set the sensors off, though, the device exploded… right in Daisy’s face.


In an instant, her face became swollen to about three times its natural size! She was unable to eat anything or indeed speak.

The moment the plane landed in the UK, she was rushed to paramedics, who had to give her doses of morphine to help her with the pain.


The little girl has been left with bruises, cuts and burns over her face and arms. As if that weren’t bad enough, she had also suffered from traumatic nightmares as a result of the horrid accident.

These are all things which no young child should have to deal with. Understandably, her mother wanted answers. 

Shortly after the accident, her mom launched legal action against Virgin Airlines, and was award a massive five-figure settlement on behalf of her daughter.

A spokesperson from Virgin told the Daily Mail: 

“We have expressed our sincere apologies to the family and while it doesn’t lessen the impact of what happened, we have reached a settlement to the family’s satisfaction. 

We have investigated the incident thoroughly and can confirm that it was an extremely unusual and isolated incident.”

The tragic events that took place on that plane might not totally be behind little Daisy, but she is now moving on with her life. With the support and help of her family, she will hopefully be able to overcome the trauma of that day.

Watch this airbag deploy in slow motion: