Apparently This Is Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People A Lot More Than Others. The Reason? I Had NO Idea!


With the Zika Virus breakout making headlines lately, everyone in the US is on red alert when it comes to coming into contact with mosquitos. They are nasty, highly irritating insects whose presence can easily ruin and otherwise perfect time.

Their presence is enough to drive anyone insane not to mention the aftermath if you are bitten by one. The worst part about the pesky blood suckers is that they carry a number of diseases with them, and they can transmit them straight to your body and bloodstream when they bite you. Every year, on average 700 million people contract a mosquito bourne illness, resulting in over a million deaths, and that number just keeps on growing.

The Zika Virus is the latest international health threat emerging that’s directly linked to mosquito bites. However, throughout history, these annoying creatures are to blame for the spread of many scary diseases such as malaria, dengue, encephalitis, West Nile virus, and more.

People have started using all kinds of stuff to combat the pests but nothing is 100% effective against them if they want to bite you, they will.

You are more likely to reduce bites if you better understand what attracts the skeeters in the first place. It all boils down to how you smell, l and since mosquitoes have excellent scent receptors in their antennae, they can easily smell any human within 100 feet.

Unfortunately, it all comes down to genetics, however, below are some of the factors that make someone more likely to be mosquito bite target.

  • Lactic acid production
    Bacteria living on skin
    Blood type
    The amount of Carbon Dioxide you emit when you breathe.

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