Woman slams body-shamers by posting this revealing pic of her love handles


Mar Ortiz is best known for starring in the Lifetime reality TV show “Big Women: Big Love.” The TV personality is also known for never shying away from calling attention to her weight and loving her curvaceous body. Ortiz recently caused a massive stir on the Internet after posting a revealing, black-and-white photo of herself.

According to PIX 11, Ortiz was getting ready for bed when she decided to take a picture of herself because she felt beautiful in the moment. Since sharing the image on social media, Ortiz has received both support and backlash. The photo has been shared over 35,000 times. However, not everyone is as supportive as others.

Ortiz’s photo has social media users taking to the comments section to express their frustrations over what they are deeming the glorification of obesity. Many comments reference health problems in relation to being overweight and do not think body-positive images like Ortiz’s are really much of a positive when it comes to daily life.

The topic has been so hotly contested that Ortiz’s post accrued over 28,000 comments.

fat lady

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