6 Retired Horses Were Scheduled To Be Slaughtered. But Watch The Big Guy In Front… AMAZING!


The fast-paced world of horse racing has always been one fraught with intense training and treatments that many horse lovers find horrifying, but there was always some hope that at the very least, when these incredible animals were finished with their racing careers, they would be treated with love and respect to live out the rest of their days in peace and quiet on a nice farm.

It’s heartbreaking to know how naive that dream actually is when compared to what actually happens to these animals. Unless a thoroughbred makes legendary status like Secretariat, Man o’ War, or Seattle Slew, these animals have quite a troubled life after their racing days are finished.

While some of these animals are treated with respect by their owners, a large amount of them are shipped away and sold to breed with other horses. With no real rules or regulations on how their breeding conditions should be kept, this world is often unknown to the public.

Eventually, a horse will become too old to sire, and at that point, even though they have years ahead of them to live out as a senior horse, they’re often slaughtered for their meat.

Thankfully, Michael Blowen was sick and tired of hearing about these amazing animals dying such lonely deaths. He decided to open up a horse retirement farm for these animals who gained so much for their former masters.

Old Friends Farm is a place where these senior horses can live out their days in tranquility after living such a high-octane life. While it’s horrible to know that the slaughtering of horses is still being practiced, this one man is doing everything to help as many horses as he can!

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