For Months, This Teen Suffered With Severe Back Pain. This Chiropractor’s Help Shocked Even Him.


After severe suffering for three months, and being turned away from every doctor he tried to get help from, this teenager was feeling like he wanted to give up. His condition was so severe that he could not walk straight, his back was in knots, and his leg went numb due to spinal kyphosis that he developed after pulling out the roots of a tree.

After much research, finally a chiropractic doctor in Australia was found and contacted. This teenager flew from America to Australia where he received treatments from Dr. Ian. Without the help of this doctor, this teenage boy, Muntathar Altaii, confessed that he was to the point that he did not want to live any longer. But thanks to the delicate care of Dr. Ian, within 10 treatments, Muntathar was restored to health once again. Muntathar was able to stand up straight, walk, and even finish high school.

Being able to move around like normal meant the world to him, and he was able to graduate alongside his best friends. Muntathar’s plans are to become a chiropractic doctor himself so that he can help other people, knowing how severe back pain can be without receiving any help.

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