She Sews Together Pillows, And Creates Something That I Really Want For My Backyard!


Do you find yourself glancing at your backyard thinking, “I really need to do something to liven up the look, or lack thereof that I currently have going on.” Well, if that’s the case, these are great and simple ideas to get you started. Implement a few of these projects and you will have yourself a brand new backyard.

1. By using cinder blocks and long pieces of wood create a beautiful outdoor couch.couch2. Cover the springs of your trampoline with sliced up pool noodles for extra safety and a pop of color.

3. Create an ice chest perfect for outdoor barbecues all summer long.

ice chest

4. Make your own outdoor coffee table for the back table

5. Save your pinecones to keep the pets away from your plants or garden.


6. Create your own trellis design along the wall of your home.