Forget ‘Like’ – Facebook’s NEW Reaction Buttons Are Here – And Here’s How To Use Them!

Facebook have been considering broadening their emotional breadth for quite some time now, and Zuckerberg has been weighing up the pros and cons of doing so. Finally, it looks like he’s made his decision to trial something new, and to be honest we’re pretty psyched about it! Instead of just being able to ‘like’ something users now have five other options, hoorah!

So what are they? You will now be able to ‘Love’, ‘Wow’, and ‘Haha’.

A lot of people were in favor of a dislike button and I can see why (I mean not everything is ‘likeable’, right?), but I can also how that would be a terrible move on Zuckerberg’s part, so instead he’s opted for ‘sad’ and ‘angry’. Nice curving Mr Z.

Facebook added: Starting on Wednesday and rolling out across all platforms in the coming days, you can add one of the new Reactions by holding down ‘like’ on mobile or hovering over it on desktop in order to see the Reactions images. Then you just tap or click on the one you want to use.facebook

Facebook have been trialling the new reactions (because these things take time, duh) in Ireland, Spain, Chile, Philippines, Portugal, Colombia and Japan since October 2015. I wonder why he chose to trial them there, hmm? Anyways, the trials showed up that the ‘love’ reaction has been the most popular. Which I think is kinda cute. 🙂

The ‘like’ button has been a staple in Facebook and it’s popularity has pushed Zuckerberg to consider his other options. ‘We’re thinking about it,’ he said in 2014. ‘there are more sentiments that people want to express than just positivity or that they like something.’

He’s a clever man, and he was well aware of the potential obstacles he would have to curve. He added that the alternatives will always veer towards a ‘force for good’ as he does not wish to be a breeder of negativity. ‘You can love something, you can be sad about something, you can laugh out loud at something.

‘We know on phones people don’t like to use keyboards and we also know that the like button does not always let you say what you want.’ I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to try them!

Learn more about the new reactions here:


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