Mom And Dad Adopt 9-Year-Old Orphan, Then Learn The SHOCKING Truth Behind Her Identity…

She was considered to be a feral child and caseworkers advised the couple to explore other options, attempting to direct the couple toward other children in need of homes. But even after they assured the couple that Danielle would be an overwhelming amount of work, both Diane and Bernie felt that the girl was meant to be theirs and they weren’t deterred.

Having been diagnosed with environmental autism, Danielle was only functioning on an age level of between 0 and 6 months old. The Lierow’s weren’t sure if they would be able to potty train her or even teach her how to eat with a spoon or fork.

While the Lierow’s had severe challenges facing them, Danielle is now a happy ten-year-old and has made phenomenal progress. She is able to walk, talk, play and she is constantly learning.

“She has arrived at the place where she was meant to be,” said Diane. “There are so many children in need of adoptive parents and there is a huge reward in watching these broken children learn and grow.”

Danielle’s story or perseverance and love has gone viral and has led to a rise in other couple’s inquiring about adoption.

  • Commenters’ hearts went out to Danielle and the Lierow family…
  • “So amazing and beautiful <3 Bless this lovely family and thank you God, I love you!”
  • “This hurts me to my soul. How could some one do this to a child?”
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