Mom Had No Idea Why Her Baby Was So Sick. Then She Took The Top Off His Sippy Cup


Cleaning up sick and attending to poorly children is all part of the job of being a parent, but that’s not to say that it’s not an absolute nightmare whilst it lasts.  Sometimes it can just be a bug they picked up at nursery, but sometimes it may be something a little more sinister.

What you about to hear in this video is truly horrifying.  Especially if your child is becoming ill regularly and  and the symptoms are getting worse, then is the time to start worrying.

Penny Powell recently shared the pictures featured below on Facebook, after a good  friend of hers found out why her son had been chronically ill.

The boys son was trying hard to figure out what the problem was and upon inspecting the boys sippy cup he noticed it had a leak proof spout with an awful odor coming from it.child safety

This feature is suppose to be a convenience for parents by preventing spillage. When Simon managed to crack it open with a knife he was horrified to find MOLD inside.

His son had been getting ill because he was drinking from a mold infested cup. When the pictures were posted other parents began posting similar images and they had all been using Tommy Tippee Cups.

The company’s response was lame, and you will see what they had to say for themselves in the video below. It is important to note at this time that there will be other manufacturers that have a similar design in which the sealed spout is a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria.

Mold can cause sinus infections, throat irritation, asthmatic symptoms, chronic eye and skin irritation, and it is strongly recommended that you check your cups.

 Watch the video here:[youtube id=”oOYXZE3reQ4″ align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”750″]