Son Sees A Man Doing The Unthinkable On The Road, Then Mom Pulls The Car Over…


Teresa Adams and her son Tommy were on their way home from the DMV. That’s when Tommy noticed an older man on the side of the road doing something he considered to be unbelievable. He saw a 76-year-old man with a walker trying to shovel the snow off his driveway. To Tommy, this was unacceptable. Why wasn’t anyone helping the gentleman?

“Tommy said, ‘Mamma stop the car,’” Teresa told WTVR. “I got scared and asked, ‘What’s wrong?’ He said, ‘There’s an older man with a walker shoveling snow — I’ll help him out.’”

Teresa pulled over the car, Tommy got out, grabbed a shovel and got to work. Teresa was so stunned at her son’s kind heart, she began to cry and had to take a photo.

“He was relieved; he looked tired,” Tommy said. “I told him to get back into his car because it was cold. Other people who saw him in the snow should have had the decency to stop.”

Tommy said it looked like a plow had driven by and piled up the snow on the elderly’s man’s driveway. It was clear that the man who was struggling to walk, let alone shovel, needed a helping hand.

“I try to do good for the elderly because one day I may need help too,” Tommy said.

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