She Lays Newborn Twins On A Rug. Seconds Later, Look Who Sneaks In Between Them…

It’s the beloved keepsake every new mom anticipates: her baby’s very first photoshoot. When shot by a professional, baby photos are perfection.

Whether they hold their fragile heads in their own tiny hands, or their little bodies are tightly wrapped in warm, colorful blankets, the photos always come out looking effortless — but you better believe that getting the right shot takes a lot behind-the-scenes work… and that’s why I love this video so much.

Ana Brandt is a photographer based in California who specializes in maternity photoshoots. Her YouTube page is full of client sessions with tiny newborn bundles of joy and their loving families, but the following video is my #1 favorite.

Prepare to say “AWW!” as you watch a special sneak peak behind a newborn session featuring twins. This brother-sister duo is brand new to the world, and Ana does a fantastic job of capturing their beautiful bond alongside their doting mother.

It’s fascinating to watch how delicate and precise Ana must be in order to position the babies. She not only remains artistic and creative, but also makes sure not to disturb their peaceful rest.

Wait until you see Mom enter the frame at the four-minute mark — this is absolutely precious!

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